Experience Camp on Love of Country

Elite stores all over the country donate 100 won for each school uniform, accumulate the money, and run the camp every year for the teenagers of nursery schools to experience ‘love of country’

Cultural Asset Youth Keepers

As a volunteer to value and preserve our cultural asset, these keepers involve in cultural activities to manage and protect cultural assets in our region and town voluntarily.

Volunteer activities by staffs and executives

Blood donation funding on December 2004

Fundraising for new office building and Rice donation on August 2007

Donation of a part of salary and year-end voluntary services sharing of briquettes in 2008/lunch box delivery in 2009/cake baking in 2010/kimchi making in 2012/donation of winter equipments in 2012/kimchi making 2013~2015

Service team of stores

There are 24 teams, composed of 200 store owners, focusing on voluntary services, since October 2008.

These activities are led by the director of business operation division for Elite School Uniform. The services are provided in anywhere throughout Korea where they are needed.

Community Chest – Warm-hearted store

‘The first’ group under the same brand to become a member since 2014

Social services and sharing activities for local communities continue by donating certain amount of money every month

ELITE NFC (Safety Protector)

Notification service for crisis situation, using NFC chip Equipped for the first time on the apparel (including school uniform) in 2013

Sponsorship for game culture of teenagers

Operated Elite School League with MBC Game since 2006

Competition among schools

Grant qualification as a semi-pro player

Sponsorship for local children center

Participate in Dream Together, corporate network to support local children center since 2012 (until 2014)

Support with uniform, talent donation, etc

Scholarship assistance

Be A Good Child Campaign Center – supports 3 million won every month (September 2003~May 2010)

Activities to help children of families without parents,
together with Community Chest of Korea in February 2009